Managing Director and Representative of VEON Luxemburg Finance S.A Vincenzo Nesci

Managing Director and Representative of VEON Luxemburg Finance S.A

Mr. Vincenzo Nesci has been Chief Executive Officer at Global Telecom Holding and a member of its Board of Directors since July 1st, 2014. Mr. Nesci continues to serve as the Executive Chairman of Orascom Telecom Algeria (Djezzy).

Formerly of the General Electric Group, with assignments in Libya and Nigeria, Mr. Nesci joined Alcatel in 1980, holding positions in Egypt, Italy, Belgium, Ethiopia and East Africa. In 1993, he was nominated as Country Senior Officer at Alcatel in Egypt and in 1999 was made Vice-President for the Middle East. In 2006, he became President of the Middle East and Africa Business Unit as well as Chairman of Alcatel Egypt, Alcatel Pakistan and Alcatel Morocco. Mr. Nesci joined Global Telecom Holding in 2010 as CEO of the Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster. He has also sat on the boards of WIND Mobile Italy, Djezzy/OTA, and several other companies under the Group.

Mr. Nesci holds a master's degree in Economics. He is also a Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Banking and Finance at the Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France. Mr. Nesci serves as a board member at the Chambre de Commerce Franco-Arabe and is a member of the World Economic Forum. Mr. Nesci has received various awards, including the Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur of France and Officer of the Order of Leopold II of Belgium.