GTH health and safety measures are driven by global standards and international best practices. Subsidiaries are designed to adhere to such international standards as a complement to existing local regulations. The process and requirements vary by country, but across the board, health and safety at Global Telecom is largely intrinsic to its operations. At the local level, the subsidiaries have adopted the standards of the relevant national regulatory authorities at an operational level. Many mechanisms are built into the standard steps and procedures that occur in establishing and maintaining operations. Also, to ensure employees are familiar with these regulations and safety procedures in general, the company provides health and safety trainings on a regular basis.

In terms of community health concerns, although there is no conclusive evidence of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) impacting communities or end users, GTH subsidiaries do account for certain proximity and aesthetic considerations in network deployment.

Subcontracting agreements for network deployment, which is typically outsourced, each detail specific health and safety provisions according to local regulations and international standards as well, including considerations for tower placement and construction.  In addition, third party consultants, including LCC International (the largest independent wireless engineering company in the world), have previously been deployed to validate health and safety procedures throughout construction and operations. 

Working in emerging and sometimes volatile settings is an added factor in GTH health and safety considerations. The safety and security of employees is a top priority for Global Telecom. The company therefore takes extensive measures to ensure employees are protected and supported, providing safety training and utilizing local experts.