Human Rights

GTH Takes on Human Trafficking

GTH has teamed up with the Suzanne Mubarak Womens InternationalPeace Movement (SMWIPM) in the global fight against human trafficking. SMWIPM is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to the enhancement of peace in Middle East by trying to affect the conditions beneficial for a sustainable peace. 

As a first major contribution to the fight, Global Telecom Holding along with Manpower, a global human resources giant based in the US, sponsored a Public Service Announcement (PSA - similar to a TV commercial but without a commercial focus) that was created by Synergy Advertising, directed by Marwan Hamed (The Yacoubian Building) and produced by Mayada El Hiraki (Magic Arm Productions). We did this in support of the SMWIPM and worked closely with them to make sure that the PSA supported their aims and would be useful to them in their battle against this global scourge. This international effort managed by GT resulted in an intriguing film which has received a lot of praise. 

According to GTH Campaign Evaluation conducted by CNN Research, the Human trafficking Campaign is set by an estimated 8,231,000 people (Reach 000s) of the 45,799,000 people involved in the survey. This equates to 18.0% (Reach %) of all the respondents in the survey. The frequency of the campaign indicates the number of times each person will see a spot. On average the campaign will be seen 1.6 times by each person. The impact of the campaign shows the total number of times an ad will be seen during the campaign. As 8,231,000 people are estimated to see the ad, on average 1.6 times, it will be seen a total of 13,129,000 times.