Our Environment

Many of GTH subsidiaries implement both operational measures and community projects that are environmentally conscious. As a matter of operations, the company also administers social and environmental audits before deploying networks. These audits evaluate considerations ranging from the impact of tower locations on the route of migratory birds to fossil fuel consumption to battery set disposal systems. 

Mobinil, in particular, is an GTH subsidiary focused considerably on environmental responsibility. On an operational level, the company has implemented an office waste collection and recycling program (including paper and printer/copier cartridges), an E-Waste program for recycling handsets, batteries and computer equipment, paperless billing, ozone friendly air conditioning systems and solar panels to power remote sites. Mobinil also uses artificial antenna trees, monopoles and other methods to retain the aesthetic integrity of network deployment sites. 

Many GTH subsidiaries are certified according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14000 series, pertaining to environmental standards, as well as undertake Environmental Impact Assessments conducted by independent third parties. In each region of operation, GTH subsidiaries are the leaders in adhering to standards and achieving internationally recognized standards.