GT is guided by the conviction that value creation depends on the successful integration of business, social and environmental performance. The company is strongly committed to promote and maintain high standards of corporate responsibility worldwide in an industry that is essential to global communication.

Based on a deep understanding of what people really need and want, and delivering on its promise of communication and information technology. GT is equally concerned when it comes to its social investment portfolio with raising awareness amongst its customers on the value of education, protecting the environment, and leading a long and healthy life.

GT therefore believes in a set of business principles guiding its social investment operation, the key words are innovationsustainability and making a difference. GT recognizes that sustainability offers a world of opportunities to deliver value to individuals and communities around the globe, as well as to the company. As such, since the company was founded, its mission has been to improve the quality of peoples lives through the timely introduction of innovative social investment programmes. Sustainability is the underlying factor supporting the choice of any social investment project with the aim of making a difference in peoples lives. In other words, GT supports effective social development programs, serving the societys different segments, using core business to identify development interventions.

Considering that GT is operating in various cultures as well as different socio-economic settings, the approach towards social investment is highly flexible and adaptable to fit the needs, conditions and priorities of the local context. The company has positioned itself with a special focus on raising awareness, addressing local context priorities and establishing linkages and indentifying opportunities for joint programmes amongst its sister companies and/or subsidiaries. Joint programmes allow the company to intervene in areas where progress needs to be realized in a fast and efficient manner. This is done through combining its own resources and tailoring its core business focus to accelerate the pace of development. GT is strongly committed to raise the capacities of its subsidiaries and sister companies to enable them to identify, implement and monitor social investment projects. In doing so, GT values and respects the diverse talents and creative potential of its employees. Employees understand that their task includes making a positive contribution to the communities where they operate. GTs Social investment programmes includes but is not limited to the following: 

- Support programs to increase accessibility and use of mobile technology in education, community health and employability.

- Protect the environment and promote sustainable practices in business value chain.

- Promote diversity and remove barriers that prevent people from participating fully in society.

- Support personal development of employees and their involvement in local communities.

- Build capacities of subsidiaries and sister companies and promote joint projects amongst them.