Managing our Corparate Responibilty

In general, CR management at GTH is designed to follow a stakeholder sensitive system. The system covers various aspects of our commitment to shareholders and investors, business partners, communities, employees, etc., in a rights based approach. To this end various elements of CR management practices are divided among our internal departments yet management of the system and its monitoring is handled through the CR central division.

In 2008, GTH established the CR Division within the PR & Communication Department. This unit oversees and coordinates the promotion of CR both at the Holding and across subsidiaries. A team in charge of CR insures that our CR activities are conducted in an integrated, cross-organizational manner. 

Given the fact that all direct operations in various areas around the world is handled by our subsidiaries, our CR division at GT has developed a commitment to mobilize, motivate and support GT’s subsidiaries to further enhance their commitment to compliance based processes and impactful social investment.. To this end, the CR division conducted various trainings and networking sessions. The activities also included creating communication channels and an internal community of practice

among our subsidiaries on the practice of CR.