Our Employees

GTH employs nearly 20,000 staff members and each member is considered a valuable asset to the company. Each staff member has the potential to make the ordinary and make it extraordinary contribution to the success of the company and takes a step forward its growth from the front line to top management. To this end GTH strongly understands the value of its employees by respecting and supporting employees' rights, capacities, and potentials.

Taking care of staff and meeting support needs has always been a chief objective of GTH.

Sharing and supporting employee success is part of GTH's mission statement. Well beyond labor compliance, the company is interested in achieving international best practices in its staff dealings. Already, employees are engaged and informed of policies, procedures and benefits through a comprehensive company-wide Intranet and quarterly departmental meetings with the Human Resources and Administration teams.  Furthermore, employees are offered opportunities for growth and development through a competency-based training plan. The company has also recently developed a Talent Management Program aiming at building the capacities of future leaders within the Group and encouraging a transfer of knowledge across the different companies.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

It is GTH's policy to implement an efficient recruitment system based on careful determination of the required competencies, qualifications and experience as well as effective search and selection methods with efficient means of communication with candidates. GTHprides itself on being equal-opportunity employees and as such does not tolerate any means of discrimination against any persons. The allocation of candidates to positions is only subject to their qualifications as matched with the required skills, knowledge and personal attributes.

Training, Development and Educational Assistance

GTH considers its employees as one of its greatest assets and helping them develop is crucial to the achievement of the organization's goals. GTH is therefore committed to the continuous training and development of its valued employees both within the areas of job-related skills training and lifelong learning for personal and career- path development. Consequently, the company's training and development practices and procedures endeavor to support employees with the aforementioned goals. 

To ensure that training activities support both the individual and the organization's objectives and are cost-effective, all training activity is planned and monitored by the HR department who also hold the training and development budget. The Annual Training Plan highlights GTH's vision to build a challenging yet fun environment for their employees.  GTH has adopted a competency-based approach to training and development which means that the courses selected for each employee are selected based upon line manager assessment of both the function's needs and the individual employee's competency standing.

Furthermore, the Annual Training Plan includes a budget for educational assistance encouraging employees to pursue graduate degrees and professional certifications sponsored by the company.

Talent Management Program

Global Telecom has developed a program – the Talent Management Program – in line with its profound commitment towards providing its valued employees with continuous growth and development. The program offers selected employees the opportunity to accelerate their career growth and enhance their knowledge through a structured process that combines different types of exposures and challenging work rotations with the objective of developing the next generation of leaders within the GTH group of companies. 

The 2008-2009 program focuses on building the capacities of 23 employees selected from OTA, Mobilink, Banglalink, WIND and GTH for a period of 22 months starting from March 2008 till December 2009.  The focus of this round will be on the Commercial, Technical and Budgeting departments yet it is projected that the program will be extended to include other functions in.

The program kicked off on March 2nd, 2008 with a participants' orientation at GTH. During this period a customized "Young Professionals Program" specially developed by London Business School was offered to all participants. The course covers the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Decision-Making, Organizations and Change, Marketing, Finance and Operations. Moreover, the course includes speaking opportunities by GTH's top management to add a practical element to the course.